Grow a Garden


I don’t exactly have the ideal living conditions to discover a green thumb.  I don’t really have my own balcony, just some porch space outside my door.  That area gets no direct sunlight and is basically a wind tunnel.  But, when my boss offered me some vegetable plants, I thought I’d give apartment gardening a try.

I was gifted two tomato plants, two eggplant plants, and three peppers of an unkown variety.  A friend accompanied me to the store late Sunday night to get the necessary supplies: pots and soil.  I do it simple.

The plastic green pots were about 7 bucks a piece, but I went ahead and paid the $10 for one decorative pot.  I don’t know anything about soil, so I just bought the most generic-looking bag.

After daily watering for one to two weeks, tomato plants need about 3 liters of water two to three times per week.  Eggplants and peppers only need about an inch of water per week.  I’m not sure if they’ll get enough light to survive or to produce quality vegetables, but we’ll see how they progress.

2 thoughts on “Grow a Garden

  1. good for you for trying!

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