Playing House

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New additions to my living space make me feel a little more comfortable, a little more at ease.  But remember, I’m no decorator.  I still have a long way to go – and can’t go that long way, as I’m broke (definition: a college student).  My tastes are actually eclectic, which no one may know, since I usually gravitate toward cheap pretties close enough to familiarity to catch my eye.  I like these little objects of material comfort, though:

$3 on clearance shelf at World Market.

Housewarming gift from my lovely aunt.  Each one is a different delicious scent.

Housewarming gift from another lovely aunt.  Can’t really see the color well from the photo, but I love it.

Pretty artwork by my grandmother.

These things still need to be placed on walls; the window is going over the kitchen sink, but I’m not so sure about the paintings.

My remaining dilemma: finding a futon cover.

Leopard print really isn’t my style, but I can’t find/think of a suitable replacement color or pattern.  Ideas?

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