Summer Means Library

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Many students complain that personal reading is impossible when class is in session.  Maybe this is why each summer, I suddenly remember the public library exists.

Until yesterday, I’d only been renting successive seasons of Weeds (just got season 4 – I’m obsessed).  But as I made my drop-off/pick-up Sunday afternoon, I wandered over to the nonfiction section and perused the shelves.

I was really just looking for some good yoga reading (which I found in Light on Yoga by B. K. S. Iyengar).  But, a couple titles on the death penalty caught my eye, and I also checked out Debating the Death Penalty (a symposium) and Death and Justice by Mark Fuhrman.

I had little hope of finishing my previously-posted book list anyway, but I have come to the end of Dreams From My Father (a couple pages of the epilogue left).  I’m hoping that I can spend the next couple weeks back in book world, though.  Television world has taken over, and it’s making me feel too disconnected with real thought.

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