Hope Amidst Tragedy

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Today, the news was dominated with reports that the Somalian insurgent group Shabab has claimed responsibility for the terrible attack on civilians in Uganda’s capital.  Kampala is a relatively peaceful city, and this attack undoubtedly shook the capital at its core.

This grave news comes on the same day as two dynamic cases of progress.

On one hand, the ICC finally added three counts of genocide to the charges against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.  IT’S ABOUT TIME.  The ICC released a second arrest warrant with the charge of genocide this morning.  Read the story here.

On the homefront, the VA took a huge step forward with its new rule, announced today, that veterans no longer have to pinpoint a specific attack (via location, name, etc.) or prove distinct combat service in order to receive benefits for PTSD.  This will greatly minimize the red tape veterans have to deal with in getting such claims approved, a process that usually only adds to suffering.  Read more about this much needed reform.

We have to take the good with the bad and hope the situation between Somalia and the AU/Uganda/Burundi can make similar progress.

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