Thanks, Facebook ads

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Despite my best intentions of great productivity, I have to allow viewing time for the OU/Tex Tech game.  So, I can’t be blamed for being on Facebook.  That said, during times of massive stress, I’m especially susceptible to the shopping trap.  Everything just seems extra pretty when school is so ugly.

It seems that Facebook ads know this about me (of course, I’m not surprised).  They have been heavy-hitting on the ModCloth ads lately.  Today, it got me:

Me want.  Saving money is sad.

Just when I thought I’d found the most desirable item of the day, I was led astray to an equally exciting find. has funny little t-shirts dedicated to popular authors and stories.  The little logos are real cute and all, but I wasn’t in love until I found THIS ONE:


LOVE OF MY LIFE.  Can I haves?

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