Resolved: I will behave like an adult.

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For the entire winter break so far (and before it started, really), I have been incredibly, terribly, completely lazy.  I keep letting my apartment fall into disarray (okay, maybe total disaster is more like it).  I sleep later and later, and I haven’t been exercising.  I haven’t done anything on my long to do list – not even any work on my online class (which I really do feel guilty about; that guilt manifested in a dream last night where I failed almost all my classes from this semester and kept showing up to my finals an hour late).  It’s sufficient to say I’m a bit of a mess.

So, in the next couple days, I’m going to have my last 3-episode-in-one-sitting binge of Criminal Minds and eat that entire bag of Cheetos I just bought yesterday, and then, when 2011 hits, I’ll become a real live functioning person again.

So, of course, the first step is to make a list.


1- I will exercise.
   1a- I will do more exercise than just yoga.
   1b- But I will return to my yoga routine.

2- I will not be late to work (a more recently-occuring problem).

3- I will do REAL, as in not half-assed, cooking.

4- I will (in the words of my dearest friends) “freak out” less.

5- I will hone these musical skills I keep dreaming about.

6- I will finish this damn biology class IN A MONTH.

7- I will not fail as a citizen of the world.
   7a- I will volunteer for the organizations I want to.
   7b- I will make sure our Amnesty group kicks human rights perpetrator ass this semester.

8- I will be financially responsible in order to ensure maximum enjoyment during my two trips overseas.

9- I will stop coming up with excuses.

10- I will sit up straight.

11- I will finally call maintenance to fix my kitchen cabinet door.

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