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Today I am sad.  Mary, the sweet lady with an accent who owned the facial parlor down the hall, has moved.  Seeing Mary was always one of the brighter parts of my day; she was always smiling and friendly.  From their comings and goings I could tell she is held very dear to each and every one of her clients.

One client in particular was very strange. She treated Mary like she is some sort of puppy, cooing “There’s my precious girl!” every time she arrived for an appointment. That was a bit weird.

But, usually the clients were just average facial-getting women (with the occassional man thrown in), and they were always very happy to see her, as was I.  Sometimes I thought about going in for some kind of treatment just to get to know her a little better, but I’m not really the get-facials-on-a-regular-basis type (plus, I saw her price list once – yikes).  She did give me a little box of candy for Christmas this year (which I consumed in about 10 minutes), and I kept intending to repay her with cookies or something.  Now I can’t, and I’m sad.  Besides, now our floor is significantly more boring.

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  1. Maybe you should get to know the creepy guy before you lose your chance..

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