My Brother, the Graduate


Clay graduated high school on Sunday — which means I spent all weekend bawling.  Yes, he’s going to be even closer to me next year (he’s following in my college choice footsteps), but something about him being grown up gets me all emotional.

His grad party was Saturday.  He had a joint party with several of his friends, and it seemed like almost the whole senior class came to see them all.  Several friends together meant several sets of parents setting things up.  There was SO MUCH ICE CREAM:

The fathers were particularly diligent with the decorating.  At one point it took me and about 8 dads to tape down some table cloths… Here are some doing intricate balloon work:

I made sure to get some sweet kitchen action shots:

Once the guests arrived, though, that ice cream started melting faster than nobody’s business.  Thank goodness there were so many kids there to eat it all!

Some were kids I hadn’t seen since they were wee little freshmen.  Cue the tears…

And one of my high school buds even popped in to say hello!  I think that made Clay’s day:

I really loved all the time I got to spend with my family.  It felt like it’d been way too long since I’d actually gotten to enjoy it without school hanging over my head.

Then came the big ceremony.  OK, now REALLY cue the tears.

Isn’t he handsome?

It felt like it went by really quickly–then it was straight outside for pictures in a crazy sea of people.

He has such a great group of friends — and for some reason, they all think he’s hilarious.  Not sure I get that one.

I’m just so proud.  I can claim I’ve taught him some stuff, can’t I?

2 thoughts on “My Brother, the Graduate

  1. awww, too cute!

  2. Wonderful! Now I am crying.. You are both wonderful, beautiful, smart, talented, awsome, the bestest!!! Love you

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