New Family and New Friends

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A wonderful weekend began with a fun, though chilly cookout at Potter Lake with some friends.  I stayed wrapped up in a blanket the whole night, but we had a fire to warm us up a bit – and s’mores!

The next morning I hurried home to help welcome the newest member of the Cosby household: Meet Wolfgang (or Wolfie, as we like to call him):

We decided to keep with the tradition of naming our bichons after Mozart (specifically because of Amadaus, one of our favorite movies).

He was the center of attention for most of the weekend.  On Sunday we even took him with us to Clay’s baseball game, where enjoyed lots of love from the spectators.

It was fun to watch Clay and the rest of the team.  But I’m not really sure what he was thinking with his get-up…

Oh well.  I’m excited for him to start his KU freshman orientation tomorrow!  Can’t believe it’s his turn already; seems like just yesterday I was there myself.

This week has been very busy at work, so things have been kind of a blur.  But today I got to meet a few of the girls I’ll be “mentoring” this summer.  I’m a cultural mentor for the US Women’s Institute on Leadership again, and I am absolutely thrilled.

In my group there are two girls from Egypt and two girls from Sudan.  Those who know me best will understand why I am so freakishly excited this year – I have studied Sudan for a long time now and am currently writing my honors thesis for political science on its political state and how that is affecting Darfur.  Plus, it will be great to meet some more ladies from Egypt, especially since I plan on rescheduling my trip there to visit my friends from last year’s Institute at some point.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to meet these girls!

There were four girls who flew in today, two from India and the two from Sudan.  All four were just wonderful and very sweet.  I met up with them and a couple of the Institute workers around 8, and we went to El Mez to introduce them to Mexican food.  It was so fun, but I think they’ll be glad to finally have some rest after their long flights.  Tomorrow night is our first official meeting.  It’ll be great to see everyone else and really have some time to chat.

But, in the meantime, I have to get this preliminary research finished/organized for my thesis before I meet with my advisor tomorrow.  Just a few days until I get to see Wolfie again. I’m already obsessed.

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  1. He is so precious!!

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