TOO MUCH DOUBT: Justice for Troy Davis

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Today is the Day of Solidarity for Troy Davis.

Troy is a death row inmate in Georgia who has received his FOURTH execution date; he is to be put to death on September 21st.  The case around him has fallen apart: no physical evidence, recanted testimony and another suspect who has confessed to individuals he committed the crime — these elements do not add up to a death sentence.

Troy’s hearing before the State Board of Pardons and Paroles is Monday at 9am.  Please act here to stop the injustice of executing Troy.

This is part of what I sent to Georgia’s District Attorney:

More often than it should happen, officers of the court cling desperately to facts that have deteriorated, to cases in which there isn’t much of a case left, in the name of reaffirming the strength of the justice system. It’s simply hard to admit you’re wrong about a conviction you were so determined to achieve.

But, more important is the application of real justice. Clinging to a determination of guilt simply for the sake of image only serves to degrade and damage the justice system further.

I have been inspired by the hard work Amnesty at KU members have been doing on behalf of Troy.  It is wonderful to see students caring about a cause larger than themselves.

Some Amnesty at KU members with their "Justice for Troy Davis" shirts we bleached last night

If you want to learn more about the background of the case, you can read my column for the University Daily Kansan from last week (before the date was set) here or you can go to Amnesty’s web page about the case.  I wasn’t able to explain all the details in my column, and there’s been a lot more going on in the appeals process than what I address.  But I do discuss this case’s implications for the institution of the death penalty on a larger scale.

Please act today.  There is simply too much doubt to let this man be executed.

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