Eat and Think

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Can I just say that my affinity for unhealthy, fatty, sweet foods is an expression of feminism and a “screw you” to societal norms?

Hello Giggles: Eat Cake

Yes. Yes I can. And I don’t feel guilty at all.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if I feel bad when I eat badly because I sincerely care about my health or if it is because I want an attractive waistline (something I used to not have to worry about at all). I think doing something for your health is admirable. But I’d hate to think I was just another victim of sexist media brainwashing. Especially when you’ve got clowns like this:

Idiotic comment by an idiotic congressman.

Yuck. I guess it’s best to make sure whatever I’m doing, I’m not doing it because someone told me to or made me feel like I should.

So with that, I’m going to continue whatever kind of holiday we’re having here by eating eating eating and thinking. And being thankful for the family I have here.

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