Not-Really-Final Finals Week

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This “last finals week of undergrad” isn’t exactly the finale for me for two reasons. One, I’m about to head to law school, where I will have significantly more stressful finals (if I can believe that).  Two, though I turn in my thesis this week, I defend next week, meaning I’m not really done until after graduation this weekend. I would be sad about that timing if I didn’t really need this extra time to finish.

Because of the aforementioned thesis, I have been in a perpetual state of “this-is-crazy-I’m-freaking-out-why-did-I-do-this.”  I’ve been actively trying to find ways to decrease my stress and enjoy my last official week of undergrad, though with my personality type it’s not easy.

There have been some helpful moments, though!  Though I haven’t really been able to see many friends, I did get in some quality family time this weekend.  Clay went with me to an annual BBQ cook-off that my boss gives me tickets to Saturday, so we put our BBQ tasting experience to good use. =) Later we were able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by visiting his AWESOME girlfriend Emily at work.

Clay was sort of intently watching the Clippers game

I’ve been to a lot of Mexican restaurants in town, but this one was new to me.  I particularly liked the queso dip and the frozen strawberry margaritas.

Then I got to hang out with Clay AGAIN (I’m sure he was super excited) last night when our family took us and the boy-/girl-friends to BWW to start off finals week right with tons of unhealthy food. Our parents know us all too well. My mom decided to be extra awesome and got us huge finals care packages. She definitely gets the Mom of the Year Award (but that’s nothing new!):

Now, of course, graduation time is when many of us seniors on our way to new things might start getting a little emotional and nostalgic. Seeing my family, and all of them just being generally awesome, makes that a little more potent for me, because in a few short months I’ll be living over a thousand miles away from them. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to be able to do it, never having lived more than 45 minutes away. But the best thing I can do now is just enjoy the time I have here.

One thought on “Not-Really-Final Finals Week

  1. Aww, Kelly! Don’t sweat it! You deserve all the brilliant things happening to you right now and all the brilliant things that will happen in your future. I’m so glad that your family takes care of you and does you right (besides, an awesome mom creates awesome care packages like that!). Believe and you’ll do excellent; you know you’ll do great.
    Hope to see you in the summer before you head to NYU!


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