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In just a few short days, my mom and I will be on our way to Europe.  After a short stay in London we will head to Paris for the bulk of our trip.  Needless to say, I am extremely excited and feel very unprepared.  I don’t exactly speak French… and I’ll be in unfamiliar territory.  Nevertheless, we are looking forward to being on our way!

Even though the focus of our trip is on Paris, the prospect of briefly experiencing London again is bringing back memories from last spring:

Westminster Abbey.  Nearby, interestingly, is a statue of Abraham Lincoln.  They liked him a lot over there.

The Palace of Westminster, a.k.a. the Houses of Parliament.  We waited forever on the busiest day of the year to sit in on a session and watched them debate the highly contested budget bill.  This bill was what spurred the notorious London riots the next couple of days, which I managed to avoid (even though we saw protestors everywhere we went as they walked to their demonstrations).

Trafalgar Square, where we ate lunch after visiting the amazing National Gallery.

St. Paul’s.

I’ll share more soon.  For now it’s a family weekend before the big trip (with lots of planning, too).

3 thoughts on “International Travel

  1. Don’t worry about not exactly speaking French – a few key words and a smile go a very long way in Paris these days! I hope you enjoy it!

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