I See London…

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Finally, a few pictures from my trip with Mom to London and Paris (starting with Day One).  You may now stop holding your breath.

The first stop was a day in London, and after a full 24 hours of planes and airports (and my poor, lonely suitcase being left behind in Boston), were ready for a packed day in the city.

We went to Buckingham Palace and walked around St. James’s Park, conveniently during an evacuation of a nearby street where the police discovered a “suspicious-looking car.”

We next headed down the street to see a few more City of Westminster sites.

We continued down Whitehall, pretended like the guards on horses were statues we could take pictures with like all the other annoying tourists did, and had fish and chips at the Red Lion (one of my favorite meals ever).

After a bit more walking and site-seeing, we went to Harrods, the most ridiculous department store I’ve ever seen.  Huge, several stories high, each one a maze of room after room of luxury goods.  It got overwhelming pretty quickly, but I do have to say I particularly liked the coffee, tea, pastries, and confectionary rooms.  We didn’t look around too long though because we had a reservation for tea in the Georgian Restaurant on one of the upper floors.  This may have been my favorite part of the whole day.  I had missed not doing a fancy afternoon tea date the last time I was in London, and this restaurant was indeed pretty fancy–and delicious.  We ate enough that it was essentially our dinner.  And we got to watch cute old English people be fancy and English.

We ended the night by rushing to the Queen’s Theater to see Les Miserables, which was absolutely fantastic.  I was excited and ready to see Paris the next day, but if I ever get back to London any time soon, I think I’ll want at least a few more days.  It’s definitely one of my favorite places.

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  1. Lovely pictures and lovely people in them Enjoyd hearing about your day.

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