Last Work Week


Today marks the last Monday ever at my law office job.  I’ve worked here for three years now, and it’s certainly felt like a very long time.  It really has been the best experience I could have asked for before law school.

Leaving my job inevitably makes me think of the next day-to-day obligation I’ll have: law school in a month.  A month and 5 days, actually.  Living in a completely new place, going to class every day, trying to get myself into a routine despite everything being completely unfamiliar.  Parts of this are exciting, but parts are kind of intimidating.  Regardless, the next time I wake up early on a Monday morning to begin a full week of responsibilities, it will be this.

2 thoughts on “Last Work Week

  1. Exciting, best of luck with school. I wonder, did you know when you were an undergraduate that you wanted to go to law school? If so I’d be interested in knowing whether you decided to wait and why.

    • Hi there,
      I actually have known for a long time that law school was my main interest, but I wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting into. Working at a law office helped me see that it’s just what I want to do! This was actually a part-time job I had during my undergrad, so I’m going straight from undergrad to law school. For me it just made sense to go straight through. But I know lots of people who take a year or more off, and I think that can be very beneficial. I would just make sure you have some idea, from some sort of experience or understanding, of what the practice of law is like and if it’s what you want. 🙂

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