Birthdays, Music, Pulling Teeth

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I haven’t felt much like sending information about myself into a void via this phenomenon known as blogging since last week when I got my wisdom teeth out — again — and had to sit around eating soft food and craving potato chips and oreos.  Once I was back on a regular diet, I employed the “I will now eat anything I want” rule, but after a few days of that, yesterday I didn’t want to eat a single thing at all (might have been a first for me).  Go figure.

We celebrated my dad’s birthday by seeing The Doobie Brothers and Chicago in concert at Starlight.  No, Clay and I weren’t the youngest people there.  We saw one twelve-year-old.

The following week I went to see Childish Gambino — slightly different crowd.  And much more difficult to see:

Then there was a weekend trip to the Truman Library and dinner for my mom’s birthday at Lidia’s… no wonder the week flew by.  Seeing as I only have three weeks left in Kansas, I’m hoping time slows down a little.  I’m not exactly ready to leave.


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