On: Manic Depression

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A still very misunderstood illness. Understanding goes a long way.



I’ve been medicinally treated for manic depression for the past six years, starting when I was thirteen, just after the truth came out about my multiple suicide attempts. As I progress in life, I keep realizing more and more people do not understand this psychological disorder. I’m here to clear things up.

1) “Why don’t you just…get over it?” We can’t. Usually when someone with manic depression is suffering it is impossible to pinpoint the reason. There’s no way to describe why we feel sad if we don’t know ourselves, and odds are, we have no clue either.

2) “You don’t seem depressed to me.” Yeah, that’s because people who suffer from depression are usually the best at faking it. Most comedians suffer from manic depression and the funniest people you know probably have it too. Just because we can paint a smile on our face, make you laugh…

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