Go look at the flowers.

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It feels like spring and tomorrow is Earth Day and I want to go look at flowers.

A lot of scary things have been happening lately. So many awful things followed by so much banding together, kindness, and healing. We can choose to focus on the good or the bad, but we can’t ignore either one. I think, though, that the good things can be more powerful if we give them that power.

One of the victims in Boston, that young, pretty, hard-working student from China, was said to have been a romantic, loving spring and flowers. Such a simple pleasure, often forgotten in the hurry to get somewhere. I’m always trying to get somewhere else, mentally or physically, and never really focus on just being where I am. A lot of us forget about that, no? Once I get to this level, or this age, or do these things, I can finally sit back and enjoy what I have because then I’ll be allowed to appreciate life. You say it out loud and it’s clearly some messed up thinking, but I know I’m not the only one who goes through my days this way.

So this is one thing I’m going to take away from all of the chaos. Take time to enjoy now and to go look at flowers. And smile more and give people hugs.


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