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Posting this on Mother’s Day reminds me that I should have said all of this a long time ago without the prompting of a special day. Honestly, I take for granted that I really do have two of the greatest and most selfless parents out there. Everyone says that on Mother’s Day, I know. But really.

My mother dropped everything last year when I got sick, flew to New York, and stayed in my tiny apartment with me for two weeks so I didn’t have to go through doctors appointments and surgery alone. Never mind the million billion things she has going on in her life right now (which, if I were dealing with, I would not be so patient and nice all the time like she is). She would do anything for her family. She put up with all my scared crazy emotions, even when I lashed out, like it was nothing. She was completely positive and levelheaded no matter what. And since then, and before then, she’s always been that way. She still gets up every day and gets everything done, encourages everyone, patiently deals with all of us crazies, fixes everything we mess up, and promptly falls asleep at 9:00 in the living room. We tease her about that, but really, no wonder she’s exhausted.

I really don’t know of a better person than my mom, and I don’t know why Clay and I are the lucky ones that got her. But we are so glad we did, and we are so unbelievably thankful for everything she does. Love you so much, mom.


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