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I graduated from law school last week, and there are a lot of people who were so supportive, helpful, and kind who got me to the end. It was a difficult three years, to be honest. I had melanoma my first semester. I lost one of the most important people in my life, my Mona, this past fall. Both of those things were really tough. But I’m surrounded by the very best people in the world, truly. They got me through everything. You did, even if it was just saying something nice to me in passing or sharing a laugh once. You really, really helped me.

Missing Mona has been the hardest. I think about her spirit every day. And it’s her spirit I must channel through my next challenges. I had a CAT scan that showed I have enlarged lymph nodes in my lungs, and the presumed cause is that my melanoma has returned. I’ll know if that is the case after a tissue biopsy next week. But in the coming days, my focus is on positivity and prayer. And on remembering What Would Mona Do. She is forever my model of strength.

Studying for the bar was too easy all on its own, I suppose. I needed something else’s ass to kick. So, whatever we’re dealing with here, that’s what I’m going to do.

Thank you so very much, kind friends, for your support. It means everything to me.

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