First Breakfast

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first breakfast

First solo breakfast in my new apartment. Feeling somewhat calmer after a long flurry of activity.

I feel like everything has clicked and I’m in the perfect place. So many things have serendipitously worked out for the best, and so many other things have come together because of the immense kindness and generosity of my family and friends. I’m especially grateful to my parents, Mat, and my dear friend Max for helping me move. I’m so appreciative to have such conscientious and giving people in my life.

It is my hope that I can in turn pay the kindness forward and be more attentive to others’ needs. I feel like I’ve lost sight of this a bit the last three years. In law school, it’s easy to put yourself in an academic bubble. I’ll read about and discuss social issues, but only in an abstract sense. Seldom do I actually act to mitigate these problems. But as I sit here today, surrounded by comfort, happily fed, and with so many other blessings, I have the resources to make a difference. And I choose to try.

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