A Piece of Cake


I had an MRI on Thursday, and I got some really good news and some not as good news.

The tumor in my brain that was treated with radiation responded wonderfully to the treatment. It is smaller and no longer an active tumor. I am so thankful for this great success.

But, the MRI showed two other spots that now need to be treated. One was so so so small on my last scan that they couldn’t even say it was melanoma, but now it’s a little bigger (still teeny tiny) and discernible, so it needs to be addressed. There is a second spot they did not see on either previous scan that’s technically too small to know what it is for sure (just like this other one was before), but they’re assuming it should be treated as well.

I told the doctors that the first radiation treatment was a piece of cake. My radiologist said that since I responded so well to spot radiation the first time, and since we’re on top of catching these things when they’re tiny, the next treatment should be just as effective and easy. And then he gave me an actual piece of birthday cake. Thank God for cake.

Yes, this disrupts my life a little bit again. But really only a little bit. The thing about living in New York City is that you get a fresh dose of perspective about every five minutes. My mom and I went straight from my appointment to Luzzo’s to stuff our faces with my favorite pizza. I cried a little bit, and I laughed a lot. On our way back to the subway station, it was raining, and I offhandedly said, “oh, man, these tennis shoes aren’t great for the rain. Look, my toes are already soaked.” A minute later we came upon a man sitting on the street in the downpour, homeless and holding a sign asking for help. He wasn’t wearing any shoes.

My life is unbelievably easy. I found out I have the tiniest bit of new cancer, and people gave me pizza and cake. I’ll be just fine.

2 thoughts on “A Piece of Cake

  1. Kelly,
    You are being very brave and we are so proud of you. God has blessed you with many gifts: an outgoing personality, a sense of humor, empathy for others, and musical gifts as well.
    God holds you in His hand. Lean on Him. Search the scriptures to hear His calming voice. He will go before you to lead the way in the dark hallways of fear, to hold you after a trial. He loves you Very much!!!
    So do I!! Love, Aunt Kathy

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